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Safety Checklist
Highly skilled electricians serving Santa Barbara,
San Luis Obispo and Ventura Counties

All employees are California state certified.

Quality, prompt service. Always delivering great
service with a smile.
1-Year parts and labor guaranteed. Your satisfaction is
our top priority.
 Over 30 years in the Electrical
Knowledgeable staff always doing the job right.
Advanced troubleshooting. Always solving your
electrical problems the right way. Satisfaction guaranteed.
No matter what the job,
We always guarantee your personal satisfaction!
We offer Free smoke detector checks to the
community of Lompoc
If your unable to reach your smoke detectors to replace batterys or you have no
smoke detectors then call us today. No strings attached, this is a free service.
Call us today to set up your appointment.
Our clients have at their disposal the full range of top-quality
services for successful projects, ranging from new systems
design and installation, to upgrades and expansions, to trouble
shooting, testing and repair. Whether it's control wiring for an
industrial plant or Telecom for a brokerage firm, we've "been
there and done that" and will deliver the results for you. And our
attention to clients doesn't end once the job is completed.
Lic # 957384
Big Changes Are Coming To Our Industry.
And we're ready.
We can help you be ready. "Carbon footprint," "greenhouse
emissions" and "global warming" are not just news stories.
They are concerns that are driving change in electrical
technology, revolutionizing our industry.

As this new technology gathers momentum,Innovative
Electric is ahead of the curve-as with every new
development over the past years, we've been ready.

We've been researching and implementing "green"
technology for years. From designing energy-smart offices
and commercial lighting to solar-electric augmentation,
"green" technology is familiar ground to us.

"Green" technology often translates into huge savings on
electricity, enough to pay for the entire project over the
long-run. Here's an idea no one can argue with: save the
Earth and money too!

Beginning in April 2010, federal law required that contractors performing
renovation, painting projects and repair work that disturbs lead-based paint
in homes built before 1978 must be EPA certified and follow specific work
practices to prevent lead contamination.

Without precautions, many Lompoc mobile
home residents may be courting tragedy.

In the last three years there have been three
deaths in the city resulting from mobile-home

The two most recent victims — 18-year-old
Nicholas Perez and 19-year-old Alicia Van
Wagenen — perished in January when an
electrical short, no working smoke detector, and
a cluttered entryway created a deadly situation.

Since 2003 there have been at least six fires
that have left mobile homes in ash. In several of
those situations, lives were at risk, like in 2005
when a 91-year-old resident was taking a nap
when a kitchen fire broke out. In 2009, an
elderly woman was pulled from her burning
mobile home by police officers.
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Innovative Electric co-owners Luis Oropeza Jr., left, and Bill Culley discuss fire safety before demonstrating how to
install a smoke detector Friday in their Lompoc office. The two donated and installed smoke detectors for senior
citizens in January and February and plan to do it again in October and November. //Leah Thompson/Staff
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